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What is Mechatronics, and what will I learn?

Mechatronics is a program for students who are interested in industrial automation jobs. Mechatronics is one of the world’s largest high-tech manufacturing fields that incorporate electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering. Studying Mechatronics alongside best practices for industrial maintenance gives you an edge on the latest technologies for electronics and mechanics for systems ranging from household appliances to automated machinery to unmanned vehicles.

Mechatronics workers use a combination of mechanical, electrical, and computer/programming skills. You will work with smart technologies like robots, automated manufacturing equipment, unmanned systems, and more. You may assist in the design of equipment and systems, build prototypes, manage electrical and mechanical systems, and install and test equipment.

In partnership with Enterprise State Community College, the Pike County School System is offering this academy to students who are interested in Business, CNC Operations, Electronics, Advanced Controls, and Programming. The successful completion of this program will lead to an Associate’s Degree and prepare students for a rewarding career.

What type of jobs can I get?

Training in Mechatronics and industrial maintenance opens up the door to jobs with contractors, manufacturers, construction companies, engineering firms, sales, and state and federal labor departments.
Mechatronics Pike County Schools